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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  June 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. >> jon: this is the fox report. tonight the man in charge of one of the world's most secret agencies gets ready to testify on capitol hill. plus, another bruising day for intelligence officials. national security leaker revealed u.s. spy operations targeting world leaders. >> edward snowden claims the u.s. spied on a foreign president at a summit meeting just as president obama meets with world leaders at another summit. now, snowden's dad talks to fox news and begs his son to stop. >> i just asked that you measure what you are going to do and not release any more information. >> jon: snowden reportedly says the leaks will not
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stop, even if somebody kills him. plus exhit man testifies against whitey bulger. calling him a partner in crime who broke his heart. and, the kid who decided to hitch a ride on the back of a shark. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. edward snowden says he may reveal more government secrets and he vows the leaks will keep coming even if he ends up dead or behind bars. that's according to the guardian newspaper which hosted that it claimed -- what it claimed was an online chat with snowden today. fox news cannot verify it actually was snowden answering the questions the person claiming to be the nsa contractor says the u.s. government is not going to be able to cover this up by jailing or murdering me. truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. former vice president dick cheney helped expand
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government surveillance programs after 9/11 answered told "fox news sunday" snowden is no hero for exposing them. >> i think he is a traitor. i think it's one of the worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the national security interests of the united states. >> jon: the former vice president also said is he deeply suspicious about snowden hiding out in hong kong but didn't directly accuse him of spying for china. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer, what did snowden say about vice president cheney calling him a traitor? >> well, jon, he was pretty feisty in his online chat today with reporters and readers of the guardian. here is an example, quote: being called a traitor by dick cheney is the highest honor you can give an american. snowden added, referring to the nsa, cia and others, they can enter and get results for anything they want, phone number, email, user i.d., cell phone hand set id and so on. it's all the same. restrictions against this are are policy-based and
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not technically based and can change at any time, jon. >> jon: snowden said journalists should ask the feds which terrorist plots they foiled that could the not have been foiled by other means. >> that's right. nsa director keith alexander will explain which thirst plots were towarded by the program when he testifies tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the nsa has been busy declassifying that nsmghts president obama defended the program, even calling it transparent in an interview slated to air this evening on pbs, quote: what i can say unequivocally if you are a u.s. person the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls and cannot target your emails and has not. he added the justice department is pursuing criminal charges against snowden and he could be facing extradition. >> jon: jennifer, the nsa leaker doesn't seem to care what president obama has to say. before that online chat, snowden apparently dropped more bombshell documents
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this time revealing in detail how and when the u.s. and britain spied on world leaders and foreign diplomatics. for example, the british newspaper the guardian says the documents show the brits hacked into diplomat's phones and emails during the g-20 summit in london in 2009. in a separate spy operation at that same summit the paper reports the americans at the nsa monitored the satellite communications of then russian president did he mitt tri medvedev. the disclosure comes at an awkward time. president obama is attending another meeting of world leaders in northern ireland including the russian president vladimir putin. the revelations about foreign operation also hurt reels and damage assets abroad. edward snowden's father tells fox news he hopes his son stops leaking information soon. >> your family loves you and we want you to come home. we want you to be safe. we want you to be happy.
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but i know you are your own man and you are going to do what you feel that you have to do. >> jon: you can see the rest of the lon snowden interview on gregg, the guardian reports british spies set up fake internet cafes to monitor delegates at summit meetings. >> jon, most think that these in new revelations coming from nsa snowden uniquely coincide with the uk hosting thegate summit here in northern ireland. the gchq eavesdropped on officials at high stake g 8 meetings in 2009. set up customized internet cafe to check out customized emails. 45 officials working around the clock. realtime monitoring of phone calls and messages. snooping on medvedev actually involved americans working for the u.s.a. based here in the u.k.
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at the time, the obama administration was trying to re-set relations with russia. might have been trying to re-listen as well. today u.k. prime minister david cammeron was asked if there was any eavesdropping going on this week at the summit. he said he never commits on security and intelligence matters, now two countries said to be targeted turkey and south africa. they want answers. one russian official branded medvedev administration as a scandal. they say it's widely suspected there is a fair amount of surveillance at these events and broadly assumed that even post cold war the u.s. and russia are still busy following each other. maybe we have a little bit more evidence, jon. >> jon: why am i not surprised. greg, edward snowden claims is he leaking this information to get back at president obama for breaking his campaign promises. snowden says instead of shutting down the spy programs president obama expanded them. snowden says that made him angry so it's interesting to note the timing of the
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leaks coincided with president obama. first embarrassing leak is when obama prepared for a sensitive meeting with the leader of chinese. set to discuss chinese harking of u.s. government computers. latest revelation comes as the u.s. attends the g 8 summit. fallen since the nsa story broke down to 44%. that's the lowest level in more than a year. disapproval rating also dropped a point and that's within the margin of error. prosecutors claim whitey bulger did a lot of bad things run the mob in boston. reported on extortion and murder accusations. did you hear about the broken heart? plus, the supreme court makes a ruling that could effect how americans register to vote in more than a dozen states. from the journalists of fox news, this is "the fox report."
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>> well, all of us have had our hearts broken at one time or another, even cold blooded killers it seems.
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that's what we learned today in the trial of repaleudissed former mob boss james whitey bulger. a witness who admits he killed some 20 people testified that after he heard bulger and another friend were informants, quote: it sort of broke my heart. the shoe is on the other foot now. that witness is one of three former wise guys who have agreed to testify against bulger in exchange for reduced sentences prosecutors accuse bulger of taking part in 1 murders throughout the 1970s and 80s. bulger went on the run in 1994 and authorities didn't catch him until 2011. investigators have been searching for the remains of former controversial union leader jimmy hoffa in a field outside of detroit. fox news has confirmed the fbi and local authorities have been digging for the possible remains today. they won't say what led them there but a former alleged mobster now in his 80's recently said the one-time teamster's president was buried at the site. hoffa went missing in 1975 after saying he was going to meet a suspected member
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of the detroit mafia and teamster boss at a restaurant. all sorts of leads in the case have gone cold over the years. the government declared hoffa legally dead in 1982. the supreme court today struck down an effort by arizona to prevent noncitizens from illegally voting. the case centers around a federal law which allows folks to mail in voter registration cards it forces would be voters to swear they are u.s. citizens. doesn't require them to show any proof. arizona passed its own law requiring proof but in a 7 to 2 decision, the supreme court ruled arizona's law is unconstitutional. shannon bream is live outside the supreme court. so shannon, what does the opinion say? >> bottom line is this, jon: when the feds have set up a very simple streamline procedure, the state of arizona cannot add to that. this is something that voters passed in 2007, but today the courts said arizona had overstepped its authority. in writing for the majority, this is what justice anthony scalia had to say. the fairest reading of the statute is state-imposed
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requirement of evidence of citizenship not required by the federal form is inconsistent with the federal laws mandate that states accept and use the federal form. so for now, jon, it's no good. >> jon: shannon, arizona is one of five states with these sort of voting requirement. the others kansas, tennessee, alabama and georgia. lawmakers in 12 other states are considering similar legislation. clearly this decision has wider implications. >> it does. all of that is going to be on hold for now because at the end of this opinion justice scalia added to arizona you can't use additional requirements you can petition the national board, the elections activities perms to use the documents. if say no take it back to court. i talked to tom horn, he says he thinks that was a clue and is he predicting victory, here is what he told me. >> the court has set forth a pathway to victory and pursue and it ultimately be
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victorious. >> so this is not over. also on capitol hill tonight, texas republican senator ted cruz has offered an amendment to the immigration measure currently pending in the senate. what it would do is modify and amend the federal statute so that states that don't want to have this extra requirement that you when youproof of register to vote in a federal election would be able to do that. we will see if it survivors on the hill, jon? >> jon: shannon bream, thank you. the supreme court issuing an opinion that could impact the way pharmaceutical companies deal with generic drugs. involves court settlements over patent disputes. makers of name brand drugs often make large payments to generic delay launch of cheaper medications. the court ruled those deals can sometimes be illegal. the court allowing third parties to file antitrust challenges in court. a supreme court ruling from 1988 led to the release of a woman from prison in indiana today. she murdered a bible
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studies teacher when she was just 15. paula cooper received the death penalty for killing that bible studies teacher with a butcher's knife during a robbery with three other teenage girls. but a court ruling just two years later saved her from death row by banning states from putting people to death for committing crimes when they were under 16. the state gave cooper 60 years in prison in response. today the state let her out on good behavior. a spokesman with the indiana department of correction says the now 43-year-old walked out with $75 to help her get a fresh start. as the most destructive wildfire in colorado's history seems to be winding down, many people still can't get back to the charred remains of their homes. investigators warn they are treating much of the area as a possible crime scene. an update on the search for clues next. and your next phone, will it be an iphone or galaxy? perhaps the rapper jay-z can help you decide. that's coming up.
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>> jon: wildfires now and investigators say they believe humans caused the most destructive wildfire in colorado state history. the so-called black forest fire has charred nearly 500 homes since it broke out last week. it forced tens of thousands of people out of their houses and killed two people in one heavily wooded spot. the sheriff there says he is treating that area like a crime scene. crews say they now have the fire about 75% contained. it's just one of several burning up the rockie mountain state there are at least four other fires scattered across colorado. officials say the southern most fire you see there has spread to nearly 2,000 acres will carr live from our west coast news hub with more. will? >> jon, the bad news for colorado fire danger is only supposed to get worse
4:20 pm
throughout the week. this comes at the same time 4,000 homeowners are sitting, waiting, simply wondering when they will be let back into their neighborhoods. they did get a little bit of good news today. the black forest fire is now 75% contained. that's actually up from yesterday. but authorities say it's still just too dangerous for many people who return and that's not exactly what some homeowners want to hear. >> it's really frustrating not knowing what's going on. we don't care if they told us you are not going to get back in for two weeks. it's the hard -- it's just hard waiting. >> unclear exactly when frustrated homeowners like that will be let back into their neighborhoods to see what's left. now, we can report also there has been a handful of arrests for looting and some homeowners still even with the looting going on. that we have heard from say they want to remain positive. they have even adopted a motto, jon. colorado strong. jon back to you. >> jon: will carr, thanks. jay-z is part of the tech
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war between samsung and a.m. three minute long tv that aired during the nba finels last night. samsung announced it would give away a million copies of his new album magna carta holly gral exclusively to samsung galaxy. it will do so ahead of the july 4th release. the "wall street journal" which our parent company owns reports the partnership could help samsung compete with apple which announced itunes radio. normally a album selling platinum status. this makes him new one automatically platinum. sam suck reportedly paying a bucks a pop, the rapper already has $5 million in advanced sales. the re general dear black sabbath set a new record in the music biz. the new album debuted number one in the charts in the u.k. 43 years after their last number one
4:22 pm
album. that's the longest ever dry spell between number one albums for a musical act. previous record fellow brit rod stewart with 37 years. ozzy osborn and company recently reunited and the album called 13 has been getting pretty solid reviews. despite the fact that the band members are now in their 60's, last number one, the landmark paranoid back in 1970. some jittery nerves on board a u.s. flight from hong kong today when a passenger started yelling conspiracy theories involving the cia, poison, and the nsa leaker edward snowden. a live report on that coming up. plus, iran elects a new president, a man who talks openly about improving relations with the united states. we will look at who this guy is and whether there is any reason for opiumism as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news. p>nño@ç-ño/,o wt;gg7;⌞ñ
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at least 47 shot all tolled including a boy gunned down yesterday. the rash of violence comes as the city reported a drop in crime. more shootings took place during the same weekend last year and they report fewer murders so far in 2013 than in any year since the mid 1960's. a canadian mayor who vowed
4:27 pm
to clean up corruption was arrested for fraud today. cops say the montreal mayor faces more than a dozen corruption charges linked to deals he made before he took office. and this comes after media outlets reported viewing a video that appears to show the mayor of the largest city torrent smoking crack cocaine. the mayor denies it and nobody has release that video to the public. a strong denial from the russian president vladimir putin after the patriots' owner robert craft insinuated that putin stole his $25,000 super bowl ring. according to the "new york post" which our parent company owns, kraft says putin pocketed the ring during a visit to russia in 2005 after kraft showed it to him. he then claimed he gave it to putin as a gift but he says he only did that because the white house urged him to do. so a spokesperson for kraft says the pat's owner just tells that story for laughs but a spokesman for putin says the president is happy to buy kraft another ring and that it's absurd to suggest
4:28 pm
he stole it a teenager caught a wild ride in the gulf of mexico after deciding to treat the back of a whale shark like a massive boogie board. check out the video. the teen says he on to the fin boating with his family off the coast of florida last week. the joy ride lasted about nine seconds. some marine boiling gists say they are upset at the stunt that human contact can hurt whale sharks by damaging their skin's protective slime coating. the animals can grow as big as school buses but are considered gentle giants plank ton eaters. they might have helped prevent 9/11 that's what former vice president dick cheney is saying about phone records the national security agency collects from millions of americans. fbi director robert mueller told congress the same thing last week the former vice president told "fox
4:29 pm
news sunday" the next attack on america could be nuclear and crucial to keep government surveillance programs confidential. mike emanuel is live in washington now. disturbing warning from the former vice president who says if you thought 9/11 was awful, the next strike could be worse dick cheney warns this is still a nation at war. >> that puts you over into the gathering being able to use all of your military assets, your intelligence assets and so forth in order to protect the country against another attack. when you consider the possibility of somebody smuggling something like a nuclear device into the united states, it becomes very, very important to gather intelligence on your enemies and stop that attack before it ever gets launched. >> president obama has said intelligence programs make a difference, helping anticipate and prevent possible terrorist activity cheney says mr. obama should be stronger in defending them. last week the comearnd and achieved warned keeping on perpetual war time footing
4:30 pm
and ending the war on terror. the president said this war like all wars must end and mr. cheney criticized that assessment. >> it's wrong. it's not winding down. if you look at the part of the world now that's available safe harbor, sanctuary for terrorists, plan and train and launch attacks against the united states, it now runs all across north africa. all those places that the, for example, the muslim brotherhood have come to power. so the threat is bigger than ever. >> the former vice president called the leaks about these programs one the worst occasions in his memory of somebody with classified information doing enormous damage to the national security of the u.s. jon? >> mike emanuel in washington, thanks. the nsa leaker's name came up during a bizarre and scary incident on board a packed jet liner. witnesses say a passenger started screaming that the cia was trying to kill him. that's when he mentioned ed snowden the man who blew the lid on the? >> sa surveillance tactics. here is one passenger who saw it all. >> it was up there.
4:31 pm
he had information relating to ed snowden and he was being taken back to some safe house some place never to be seen again. >> passengers on the flighted tackled the guy and fbi removed him from the plane when it landed as scheduled in new jersey. now, of course, it's possible the man is simply mentally disturbed but it's worth pointing out the plane was flying from newark new jersey from hong kong the very city where ed snowden reported solid in hiding. trace gallagher is live with the latest. what more do we know about this guy? >> well, jon, the passengers say he is in his mid 30's and is he american and he was about nine or 10 hours into this 15-hour flight that he began pacing and screaming again and again. he said that he wanted the flight to be diverted to canada because he feared the fbi, the cia. he also gave what he claimed was his name, his mom's name, his birth date and social security number. claiming that he worked for the u.s. embassy in abu dab
4:32 pm
buy. passengers on board the flight were recording him at points with their cell phones. some passengers say at the end he began to cry because they notified them that all his screaming was actually frightening the children on board that flight. jon. >> jon: what about the reports of poisoning? well, while the plane was still in the air the fbi had said reportly that he claimed, this man that everybody on board had been poisoned. when the passengers got on the ground they said that's not true. in fact, they said is he never made any threats to anybody else. one woman said he claimed that he feared that he might be poisoned and, yet, other passengers never even heard the word poison. one of reasons they tackled him while he was screaming at one point he reached for something in his pocket. listen. >> he didn't have time to think there is a guy screaming on a plane and being a little bit violent. and so we just put him on the floor and then once he was handcuffed, we put him on a chair. we sat him between another passenger and i and we
4:33 pm
waited for the plane to land. >> he was taken off board that plane as you saw walked and taken by ambulance to a different section of the airport. very busy newark international or newark liberty international, jon. we do not have any reports that this delayed other flights either coming in or going out of that airport. >> jon: trace gallagher. thanks, trace. president obama and his russian counterpart have opinions on syria that do not coincide. that dramatic understatement from russia's president vladimir putin. the two leaders met today at the georgia tech -- g-8 summit. syria and announcement last week that it would start arming the rebels there russia spent years arming the syrian regime. the very regime that u.s. officials say has been killing its own citizens with nuclear weapons. the estimate 90,000 syrians died in the fighting. still russia remains a strong ally of bashir al assad.
4:34 pm
russia has warned the u.s. to stay out of the conflict. wendell goler is traveling with the president live in ireland. wendell, what you can tell us about the meeting? >> well, his aides say that president obama and president putin spent about 20% of their two hour meeting trying to resolve the impasse over the syrian civil war. while they didn't resolve their differences, mr. obama says they do have some common goals we do have differing perspectives on the problem but we share an interest in reducing the violence securing chemical weapons and ensuring that they are neither used or are they subject to proliferation and that we want to try to resolve the issue through political means if possible. >> mr. obama's aides suggest his strategy is to try to convince mr. putin while assad has to go, the rest of the regime can stay in power and negotiate with the syrian opposition.
4:35 pm
they think putin might bite on that if he is more interested in restoring stability than in protecting assad. back to you. >> jon: but is it doesn't sound like putin is convinced though, huh? >> not yet, jon. though he agrees on the need to reduce the violence and solve the situation peacefully. what he doesn't want to do is turn over syrians leadership to some elements of the opposition who he denounced in scathing terms after talks with british prime minister david cammeron yesterday. >> i believe one does not really need to support the people who not only kill their enemies, but open up their bodies, eat their intestines in front of the public gaze and cameras. >> putin said he and mr. obama agreed to push syria's leaders and oppositions to the talks they held in geneva last year. wendell goler, thank you. and here, can you see activists marching toward
4:36 pm
today's g 8 summit in northern ireland. around 1,000. addressing issues like hunger, fracking and gay rights. more than 7,000 cops are on duty during the g 8. one of the largest security operations ever in northern ireland. and world leaders at the g 8 also discussing the future of iran after that nuclear nation elected a new president today i'm sorry friday, one who has already talked about the prospects of improving relations with the world, including the united states. the president elect hasan rohani is so-called moderate cleric who once served as iran's top negotiator. today he promised to be more open about his country's nuclear program and to follow a, quote: path of moderation. is he against stopping iran's uranium enrichment. accord iting to the interior ministry he won the election getting more than 50% of the vote in a field of four. jonathan hunt is live with
4:37 pm
more from our new york city newsroom. jonathan, the president elect seemed to be moderate and hard line all in the same news conference. >> yeah. he did. that raised question for many iran observers. what exactly was the president elect trying to do? is he perhaps playing for time as iran's leaders have done before or was he, perhaps, treading a fine line aware he was elected by moderates but also aware that he needs to please everybody conservatives prior to actually taking power in august. as for iran's nuclear ambitions, he told the united states it needs to stop bullying iran but at the same time, seemed to hold out the hand of compromise. listen. >> the first step will be showing greater transparency. of course, our nuclear program is completely transparent. but we are ready to show greater transparency and make clear that the islamic republic of iran's actions are totally within international frame works. >> as for the relationship between the united states and iran, the president
4:38 pm
elect talking about old wounds needing to be healed and said that had to be done on a basis of what he called mutual respect. jon? >> jon: and president obama responded today? >> yeah. president obama us a just reported at the g-8 summit in northern ireland. he met with the russian president vladimir putin today on the sidelines of that summit. they talked about iran and then the president clearly chose his words very carefully. listen we both accept -- express cautious optimism that with a new election there, we may be able to move forward on dialogue that allows to us resolve the problems with iran's nuclear program. >> and the reason for that caution is because the president elect doesn't have the real power anyway. even when he becomes president, that power lies with this man the ayatollah
4:39 pm
alli ha man any. he is the supreme leader. the president elect wouldn't be the president elect and he wouldn't remain president very long if that blessing was ever withdrawn. jon? >> jon: jonathan hunt, thanks. five prisoners at guantanamo bay helping to carry out the attacks of 9/11 were back in court today. including the self-proclaimed master find an update next. another round of violent protest in turkey with police unleashing tear gas and a water canon. now a government official warns it may step up its fight against the demonstrators. that's next. [ lighter flicking ] [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where giving up isn't who you are. ♪ this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. so, why let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra. 20 million men already have. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex.
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joop jon the self-proclaimed mastermind of the 9/11 attacks was back in court today add guantanamo bay. it's a start of a week at pre-trial hearings for khalid sheikh mohammed and four other suspects. the feds have asked for the trial to start late next year. legal experts say it could be even later than that all five suspects face the death penalty. there is word a house committee will get a classified meeting next week about the attack at the u.s. out post in benghazi. witnesses will include general carter ham head of the pentagon's african command at the time of the attack. it's the first time is he answering questions from congress about what military options were available that night. the attack killed the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens. state department officer sean smith and two former navy seals. tyrone woods and glen doherty.
4:44 pm
the via lebility and deadly antigovernment rallies rage on in turkey. a key u.s. ally in the middle east. and the turkish prime minister today threatening to use military force on protesters as several hundred union workers joined in the demonstrations. today's scenes in anchor are a and istanbul not nearly as chaotic as what went on there over the weekend. [siren. [. >> jon: riot police fired water canon and tear gas on protesters yesterday in the capital city. marking nearly three weeks since the clashes broke out. at least five people, including a police officer reportedly have died. protesters say they are unhappy with a variety of issues, including what they sees a the prime minister's attempt to impose a religious lifestyle on what's currently a secular society. turkey shares borders with iran, syria and iraq among others. the biggest clashes have been taking place on the other side of the country. leland vittert live with more from istanbul.
4:45 pm
leland? >> and right now, jon, quarter till 3:00 in the morning in istanbul. riot police are holding their ground. they have shutdown much of this city in an attempt to keep protesters have from getting any kind of critical mass. as i look behind me in the square where protests started good night. only because a dozen buses chocked full of riot police at this hour ready to take on demonstrators. [chanting] >> this is a mass protest and it's not just the young. it's not just the liberal. there are doctors out here. there are lawyers. in fact, many of the folks wearing white coats are actually doctors protesting the brutality not only against the protesters but also against physicians who are treating those injured over the past couple of weeks. >> we are out here because of the brutality coming and we are here for our rights, for humans' basic rights, actually. we just want to live freely
4:46 pm
in our country. >> >> of. >> the crowd is trying to reach taksim square. police are not letting them. they have come out in huge numbers to try to keep this crowd back. now they are chanting taksim is ours. we will retake it. >> it's a democratic country then we have the right to demonstrate. [shouting] >> the police have issued over their loud speakers where they say is a final warning here to move or face the tear gas. >> and as we have seen a number of standoffs enter a couple of hour phase here in istanbul, it appears as though demonstrators are more willing than before to step down. riot police denying them any one area to be able to congregate, jon. very difficult to get the kind of momentum they had over the past couple of weeks when they occupied this square so long. now it too is sealed off and the park they took has been repaved. replanted with trees and the prime minister says he it is not going to be open
4:47 pm
until he is sure it will not be reoccupied and with this kind of force appears the prime minister has won so far. back to you. >> jon: leland vittert live in its tan -- istanbul, thanks. china's credit bubble is about to it implode. what that means for you and your money here at home. plus, this cheese causing a major controversy and sparking protests. we'll tell you why some cheese lovers are angry with the feds when the fox report continues. ngs. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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>> wall street rallied today giving a big boost to 401(k)s and iras the dow finished 110 points higher closing at 15179. the nasdaq and s&p also in the green. part of the reason, home builder confidence rose to its highest level in seven
4:51 pm
years in june. up 8 points. that areasonable doubt going to the national association of home builders and wells fargo. but analysts say investors continue to be on edge concerned that the federal reserve might soon scale back its efforts to keep interest rates at a record low. central bank officials are set to meet tomorrow for two days in jackson hole, wyoming. investors are jittery in china as well. according to credit ratings agency fitch. china's growing credit bubble is unlike anything in modern world history. and it's only a matter of time before it bursts. analysts there say china's shadow banking system is out of control and under increasing pressure. borrowers continue to mount more and more debt in an interview with the daily tell graph, here is what one analyst said, quote: china's credit griffin growth model is clearly falling apart. this could feed into a massive overcapacity problem and potentially into a japanese style deflation. overall credit in china has jumped from $9 trillion to
4:52 pm
$23 trillion in the past five years some economists fear if china's bubble implodes shock waives to market around the world. cheese makers and cheese lovers say they are yoit raged over the fed's recent moves to hold up imports of bright orange cheese which many consider delicacy. fda says tiny bugs that live in the outside shell could trigger allergic reaction. too many bugs in recent imports. cheese makers say the microscopic mites are essential in the. order warehouse new jersey port. no word on how long one top cheese maker says there is about a ton of the stuff sitting there. now there is a nationwide protest. fox business network rism edson is live at the cheese tique shop in alexandria,
4:53 pm
virginia. how much is left out there, rich? >> well, jon, this is about 'it. they are getting one more shipment of this tomorrow and that will do it for the cheese at this store. some folks even on the west coast that haven't even gotten any more shipments that will do it all because of the shipments that are withheld up north from here. when you talk to the f.d.a. they put out a statement and in that statement they say basically we evaluate each sample on a case-by case basis six mites per square inch. this was established during a survey conducted a number of years ago. we talked to the owner of cheese tique here. shoe says basically she is concerned that this standard is going to go to other cheeses. >> which is what is scary to me as a cheese professional is that the mites present is one cheese. without one cheese this is not a huge issue. some the most famous cheeses in the world have the same situation of mites on their rinds, these are
4:54 pm
cheeses that people would really notice if they were missing. >> doesn't actually know how much cheese is caught up in the warehouse and caught up and detained by the food and drug administration. they do say if we want to find out, we have to file a freedom of information act request. so we won't find out any time soon, jon. back to you. >> jon: someone needs to carry on for the mites. rich edson, thank you. if you are connected to the internet you might soon be able to send messages to outerspace to help experts search fortress industrial life. we will tell you how coming upewis on "the fox report." variety of 7 exciting choices oone plate. all for just $12.99! but only for a limitime. i'm art harringt, and i sea food difrently.
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try snapshot free at >> jon: all right. so if you don't have enough twitter followers here on earth. now is your chance to expand your horizons. a group of scientists is launching a service tonight that let's folks send tweets into outerspace. the lone signal project let's people beam short messages from a satellite out into the universe. the idea is to communicate any potential aliens, the first message is free and it will cost you about 25 cents a pop. updating some of our top stories tonight. the man who blew the lid off the secret surveillance program says former vice president dick cheney calling him a traitor is the highest honor he can have appear as an american. russia's president vladimir putin told president obama at the g 8 summit in northern ireland today that opinions on syrians civil war do not coincide but that they do agree on the need for peace. and the associated press
4:59 pm
reports the pentagon may allow women to start training as navy seals by mid 2016, as part of plans to put more women in combat roles. and on this day in 1775. an outnumbered american militia took on british forces in the revolutionary war battle of bunker hill. colonial troops have gotten word days earlier of the red coat's plan to unoccupied hills boston. so led is it hundred patriots to bunker hill where they awaited the brit's arrival. as the story goes press scott ordered men not to fire a single shot until they could see the whites of the enemy's eyes. brits retreated but eventually the colonial army ran low on ammo. still a lost battle boosted american morale 238 years ago today. and that's "the fox report" for mopped, june 17th, 2013. i'm jon scott in for shepard smith. back tomorrow with "studio b" at 3:00 p.m. eastern,
5:00 pm
noon pacific. the factor is next. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight:e is a traitor. i think he has committed crimes. nfrkts, by violating agreement. >> bill: the u.s. closing in on nsa whistleblower edward snowden who is still on the run and still talking about national security issues. we will have the very latest. >> did you do anything personally to make sure that this insidious, discriminatory practice was stopped? yes or no? >> the most aggressive interrogator about the irs abuse is congressman trey gowdy from south carolina. what does he think is really going on? the congressman will be here. also tonight, carl rove, bernie


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